Effects of Rapid Weight Loss

Obesity is becoming an epidemic, not only in the United States but throughout the world.  If you happen to be overweight and need to shed quite a few pounds and fat, then this article should serve as motivation as it will cover the effects of rapid weight loss.  What you’ll discover is that not only are there wonderful benefits to your physical health but to your mental health as well.  If you desire to look great, feel great and have optimum health; getting an understanding of how quick weight loss will help is a great starting point.


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Less To Carry Around, More Health

One of the biggest physical effects of losing weight rapidly is that there is less of you to carry around.  Currently, over 60% of Americans are considered as being overweight or obese.  Having extra weight to carry around is very hard on the body.  For starters, the risks of cancer, heart disease and type II diabetes sky rocket  if you are obese.  There are some phenomenal physical benefits to losing the weight quickly, though.  For starters, if you are considered pre-diabetic, you can reverse it almost immediately with quick weight loss through nutritional eating habits and exercise.  You can also lower your blood pressure as well as lower your bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides.  All of this equates to a stronger heart and a lower probability of getting cancer.


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Better Sleep

Getting down quickly to a normal body weight can do wonders for your sleep, especially if you have sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a condition where you have abnormally low breathing or paused breathing while you sleep.  The pauses can last up to a few minutes.  The condition can lead to impaired reaction time, daytime fatigue and problems with your vision.  If you manage to quickly drop your weight to a normal range, sleep apnea will all but disappear.


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Easier To Keep The Weight Off

Another super benefit of dropping weight quickly is an improved glucose tolerance.  When we ingest foods that have carbohydrates in them, the carbohydrates get broken down by the body into glucose.  The hormone insulin is what manages our blood’s glucose level.  When we ingest a meal that is high in sugar, we spike our blood sugar (glucose level rises) quickly and insulin gets secreted by the pancreas to bring the levels back down to normal.  If you are overweight, then you will have a reduced tolerance to glucose and a decreased sensitivity to insulin.  The result of these constant blood sugar (glucose) spikes and insulin releases means:

* It is easier to put on weight and fat

* An increased likelihood of type II diabetes and other ailments

By losing weight quickly and improving your glucose tolerance, it keeps your blood sugar levels stable.  This means less sudden blood sugar spikes, less insulin releases and less fat storage.  If you can remember anything, remember that insulin is the fat storage hormone.   When present, it signals your body to stop breaking fats down and instead to start storing it.


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Easier On The Joints And Back

If you have excess pounds on your frame, one of the best things you can do for your back and joints is to lose it quickly.  With every step you take, carrying extra pounds adds a lot of pressure to your back and the joints in your knees, ankles and hips.  According to research by the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, being overweight by only 50 pounds will actually put three to five times the body weight on joints at times such as when walking up or down stairs or getting into or out of a vehicle or chair.  That can be up to an extra 250 pounds of added stress to your back and joints.  Stay overweight for a lengthy period of time and you will greatly increase your chances of getting:


A slipped disc in your back

Lower back pain

Quick wear and tear in cartilage/cushioning of the knees, hips and spine

This means you might need medication to relieve arthritic pain, a hip or knee replacement and/or back surgery.

By dropping weight quickly, though, you will ease the pressure in your joints and back and the pressure and any pain that exists will pretty much disappear.  You’ll feel stronger and be stronger because your body isn’t under the burden of the extra weight.


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Less Stress, More Zip

If you are overweight or obese, it is probably very difficult to walk or run for any lengthy distance.  Think about it in this aspect:  picture yourself at a normal weight with a backpack over your shoulders filled with several ten pound bricks and then being asked to climb several flights of stairs.  If you are overweight, this is what you are doing in reality every time you climb several flights of stairs, albeit, without the backpack.  Instead, you just carry those “bricks” in your stomach, back, arms and legs.  I’ll bet your heart pumps faster and you sweat a little just thinking about this vision.  If you lose weight quickly, you will have more energy as it puts the zip back into your step.  By dropping down to your normal weight, you will see:

  • An increased focus and concentration
  • A better memory
  • More energy and stamina

All of these can be attributed to a better balance of your hormones (like insulin) and metabolism.  With your hormones balanced and in check, your metabolism can run optimally which helps supply energy (burns calories) as well as makes it easier for you to manage your weight (keep the fat from coming back).


Effects of Rapid Weight Loss:  Not Only Physical But Mental

Okay, so the physical benefits to quick weight loss are many but there are some super mental benefits.  We already discussed the increase in focus and concentration, improved memory and more energy.  In addition, losing weight can also:

– Improve your mood

– Increase self esteem and confidence

– Reduce anxiety

– Reduce the chances of depression

A lot of our moods and feelings can be attributed to our bodies hormones.  For instance, when women have low estrogen levels, they can develop symptoms of anxiety, mood swings and depression.  The same goes for men, when men have low levels of testosterone, it can lead to irritability and feelings of anger and frustration.  When men and women lose weight quickly and get into a normal range, their moods will often be more stable, meaning less:

– Anger

– Sarcasm

– Argumentativeness

– Frustration

– Depression

– Anxiousness

– Defensiveness

– Impatience

Basically, when you are at a proper weight, you are more likely to enjoy things more and be more enjoyable.  In addition to a better mood, you will improve your self esteem and confidence.  Just knowing you can improve how you look and your health will go a long way in making you realize you can accomplish something if you really set your mind to it.  By going from overweight or obese to a normal weight, you’ll love how you look and feel better about yourself.  You’ll not only feel great but know that you look great.  Losing weight quickly will inspire you to accomplish more and improve your discipline in all areas of your life.

Losing weight quickly and going from someone who is overweight or obese to someone who is a normal weight will improve your health and vitality.  You will really be building a new you on the inside and out.  The effects of rapid weight loss will amaze you and those around you – both physically and mentally.


John Craig is someone that has had a life long interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has studied just about every "diet program" available and wants to pass on his knowledge and understanding of what actually works and what doesn't.

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